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The following table lists all relevant keywords from the IEEE Thesaurus and corresponds to research conducted in this research group.

Category Subcategory
Computational and Artificial Intelligence Context Awareness
Cooperative Systems
Intelligent Systems
Knowledge Engineering (Knowledge Discovery and Representation)
Machine Learning (Boosting, Deep Learning, Dimensionality Reduction, Ensemble Learning, Hyperparameter Optimization, Random Forests, Representation Learning)
Machine Intelligence (Pattern Analysis)
Prediction Methods
Neural Networks
Computers and Information Processing Computer Applications (Big Data Applications, Computer Aided Analysis)
Computer Interfaces (Application Programming Interfaces)
Data Handling (Open Data)
Data Processing (Data Analysis, Data Collection, Data Integration, Data Preprocessing, Text Processing)
Open Systems Open Access (Public Domain Software, Open Educational Resources)
Pattern Recognition Clustering Methods
Data Mining (Anomaly Detection, Text Analysis and Mining)
Pattern Matching
Software Application Software (Decentralized Applications)
Public Domain Software (Python, R Language)
Software Packages
Education Career Development (Mentoring)
Educational Programs (Seminars, STEM)
Engineering Education (Computer Science Education)
Natural Languages (Natural Language Processing)
Electronic Design Automation and Methodology Graphics (Visualization)
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Biomedical Computing (Bioinformatics)
Computational Biology (Computational Biochemistry)
Engineering Management Planning (Meeting Planning, Schedules, Strategic and Technology Planning)
Product Development (Graphical User Interfaces, Product Customization)
Research and Development Management
Research Initiatives
Industrial Electronics Information Theory (Biological Information Theory)
Mutual Information
Mathematics Algorithms
Geometry (Computational Geometry)
Graph Theory (Bipartite Graph, Directed Acyclic Graph, Directed Cyclic Graph)
Stochastic Processes (Gaussian Processes)
Science - General Life Sciences
Systems Engineering and Theory Computational Modeling (Agent-Based Modeling, Computational Materials Science)
Deformable Models
Simulation (Human in the Loop, Mixed Reality)
Systems: User Interfaces (Data Visualization)